Welcome Back! Eat some ramen, choose a new S adjective for SPLAT, make plans, tell us how your summer went . . .


It’s International Video Game Day Saturday! We’ll investigate apps to create your own video games while eating typical video game food and making an avatar or two.


Have an awesome day playing with Legos and watching . . . yup, you guessed it!


SPLATAKU!! Manga and Anime for all! Chopsticks for all! Onigiri for All! Shinigami for . . .


You know Thor, Loki, and Heimdall. Now meet the rest of that fun loving gang in Rick Riordan’s new series! Norse God WTQ.


Video, Board, Card! . Uh, yeah, Games! Tournaments? Check the blog.


Goosebumps!! Vote for (and watch) the scariest Goosebumps book/episode! Check the blog.


Get Away @ Your Library – Celebrate Teen Read Week with Post It Note Art on the Windows!! Yay!!


3 - 6 p.m. Zombie Prom! Get made up here - wear old light colored clothes and get gored up! Play zombie games, eat zombie food, dance zombie dances . . . Prizes to best dressed, best made up, best portrayal.


Video, Board, Card! Uh, yeah, Games! Tournament? Check the blog.


Because there has not been enough crafting and movie watching . . . Duct Tape (and/or pool noodle) Craft and a movie!!


Celebrate! A new Harry Potterish movie, International Game Day Saturday the 21st - Jill’s Last SPLAT!

There is no registration for SPLAT; just show up in the Library's meeting room downstairs at 3 p.m.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Thursday!!! Hooray!!!

August went by very quickly! But as I posted the pictures from the Lock In, held exactly one month ago, I thought that it seemed like forever since I have seen YOU, and I realized I Missed SPLAT!! We have new carpet, so all drinks will be light colored, like lemonade . . . but there will be ramen, and, of course, for the first SPLAT of the new school year, brownies! See you Thursday!

P.S. Rachel will be at SPLAT, too! Hooray, again!

July 31st Lock In Games, Maze, and Crafts

Daine Greider made an IMPOSSIBLE 'laser' maze! Excellent job, Daine!

 We had crafts, and more crafts! Yay!

Don't forget the Minute to Win It Games . . .

Then Rachel suggested that we try her favorite high school 'game': shove the cupcake in your mouth, entire.

July 31st Lock In Mystery!

Our Winners!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer Wrap-Up - Photos

First, pictures from July 23, when we were making Microwave Mug Cakes.

Then, from July 30th, when we had the Superhero Cupcake Decorating Contest

We have 82 pictures from the Lock In!! I am having a hard time narrowing down to a few as they are all awesome pictures! Next post!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9 - Retro Games and Origami Ninja Stars

Thanks, Mark Jackson, for showing some of us how to fold our comic pages into ninja stars.

 Autum, Lexus, Clark, Marissa and Daine played Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis. One of the games: Jurassic Park!!

And they remembered to mark their activity logs without being prompted to do so. I am sooooo proud! They are looking forward to the overnight July 31. It sounds like we are going to have a Supernatural marathon that night . . . we have lots of fans . . . 

So, next week: we still haven't finished the last half of the Superhero Jeopardy, so we will get that done. Crafts have taken up too much time, so, no crafts next week!!  We'll mess around with superhero creation apps and sites and discuss how to flesh out the ones we are creating.

July 2nd - Comic Book Wallets

Hey! It's Lexus! At Cookbook Club! Good Job, Lexus!