Monday, March 23, 2015

Lots of Links for 3D and other HOMAGO  - lots of files for 3d printing links to many apps for 3d creation shows you how to work with the code behind html and css This is Hackasaurus  free website creation

Writing Write a Novel!!
       Research Paper
                six word memoirs
Art Apps
Android or Ipad - Whiteboard Pro: Collaborative Drawing
Sketchbook Pro 4.99
PicsArt – Photo Studio free
Ipad only - ArtStudio - Draw, Paint and Edit Photo  4.99
Procreate 4.99


HOMAGO - Hang Out, Make Anything, Geek Out 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Game Day - February 7 - 11 to 2:30 p.m.

Changes: just ONE tournament per Game Day.

February's Tournament: Pokemon the Card Game - Register when you arrive. We'll decide if we have time for double elimination when we see how many are signed up. Prizes? Card packs, of course!

All other games will be set up. We have Dance, Dance Revolution with the PS2, plus Guitar Hero for same. Games for Wii and your personal 3DS depend on what YOU bring. Note: our Wii plays Game Cube games and we have controllers.

As usual, you can play board games. The library has a lot; if you have a favorite you would like to play, bring it.

No registration in advance. Just show up.

Refreshments: puddings; water.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Game Day Information - 11 to 2:30 Saturday, November 15

You can come and just play games, but we will also have some tournaments.

We will have tournaments in card games: Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon

We will have tournaments for 3DS/DS: Luigi's Mansion, and, for those of you who bought it, Smash Bros. Brawl  
Bring your own devices, cards, etc.

Our Wii Tournament: ???

Get out your Guitars!!! Time for a Guitar Hero tournament!!

You can just come and play games. We have a lot of board games, including Clue, Apple to Apples, Scattergories, and Labyrinth. 

 No advance sign up is required. The Library will provide bottles of water and pudding!

Our season of games begins this Saturday, November 15, in the Library meeting room, for all ages.

 From 11 am to 2:30 pm, you can play WII games, 3DS games, card games like Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh, and board games,  and enter the tournaments!  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


If you had my phobia about snakes, well, you just would not have chosen "slithery" as the choice of the season. I could not pick a snake banner, so we have a lizard . . .

But we can change to something else . . .

There will be no SPLAT August 27 or 28 - I am on vacation and it is your first week back to school.

See you on September 4, our first Thursday!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August!! And Changes!!!

First, we are cancelling Open Mic Night! Everyone is 'on the field' - well, almost everyone . . . Maybe we can organize something during the school year.

And, a second BIG, BIG change: SPLAT is moving.

Not far . . .

But through time . . .

Starting in September, SPLAT will meet on Thursdays from 3 to 5.

Yes, Thursdays.

Accommodating band members, mostly!! Hooray! Hope to see you there!

Oh, and . . .

What is the 'S' in SPLAT going to stand for this school year - was it 'subversive' last year? Scroll down and see, it should be in an old post.

How about 'Slavering' - eughh, what an image that calls up! Maybe "Serendipitous" or "Synchronous" - hmmm, I like both of those!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Batman Events at the Library

But first, Saturday the 12th - at Rupp's Comics in Fremont

Here at the Library:

Wednesday, July 16 - Celebrate Batman's 75th Anniversary PLUS learn the basics of writing science fiction from Shawn Milazzo. Writer Shawn Milazzo, who has written comics and who is a graduate of the Academy of Art University will share his expertise. He has also donated  a copy of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller to give away at the program, and there may be a few more Batman Anniversary giveaways, too! Sign up for this program at the lobby desk - you can call 419-547-7174.

Wednesday, July 23 - we are giving away a Batman Swag Bag, one to a customer, while our supplies last.  We'll be giving them away at SPLAT, too.  Included: buttons, bookmark, poster on the 75 years of Batman milestones, temporary tattoo and a mask. So stop by the adult desk upstairs and say the magic words: no, not please and thank you! "I'm the Batman!" Heh, heh!

Monday, May 12, 2014

SPLAT 2014 - Summer Edition

Meets weekly on Wednesdays from 3—5 starting June 11.
Open to those entering 7th grade in the fall through 12th grade.
One weekly program will last about an hour. The rest of the time is for games, socializing, continuing projects.
Ongoing Event: Chopped for Teens! Teams will compete in three weekly sessions starting June 18. One cooking challenge each week: breakfast, lunch and a dessert Finale. Sign up required. Get your team together, choose a Captain, and sign up at the Lobby Desk.  If we have enough teams, we will have two sessions for Breakfast and Lunch Choppeds, combining the top scorers from both sessions for a finale of "Desserts" - each session will be different. And SPLATters will get to taste and judge!!! Note: the Library has very, very limited cooking appliances/utensils/equipment - we will be using a microwave, a griddle, a hot plate with skillet or pot. Because you will be working with heat and with sharp things, like knives, you have to have parental permission to participate. Forms available when you sign up.
Special event: Open Mic Night—we’ll plan this during weekly free time. Wednesday, August 13—rehearsal, 3 to 5; dinner; performance - 6 to 7 p.m. You can sing, play an instrument, tell jokes, read poetry (oooo, cool, maybe poems you have written!), show a video you have created . . . Form a group if you don't want to be 'on stage' by yourself. The public will be invited, so tell Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro, Granny and Granpa about it!
Special Event: Library Lock–In -  for those who participated in at least five SPLAT programs. Friday, August 15, 5 p.m. to midnight. Will include a dinner mystery. A dinner mystery includes dinner - we are thinking Mexican - with three courses. Participants are the suspects of the dinner and read each other clues which are provided to them. At the end of the dinner, everyone will vote on 'whodunnit' and the winner will receive a cheesy prize! We will still have plenty of hours of other activities - and we'll figure out what those will be this summer.

June 11 - Duct tape your life: decorate your room, decorate your stuff, decorate yourself! We will have a variety of colors and patterns of duct tape for you to use, plus patterns for popular designs. Or . . . design your own!
June 18 - Dubstep and other audio apps/Chopped - We'll use the Libray's tablets, or bring your own device, with music manipulation apps. After we learn how to use them, we'll create music that we can use on YouTube or at Open Mic Night. It is never too early to plan. After the program, Chopped teams will be introduced to their Breakfast challenge - they will be given a certain amount of time to finish their creation. SPLAT members will get to taste and vote on each presentation.
June 25 - Youtube Yourselves/Chopped - Use video editing apps on the tablets to edit video that you have created - be thinking of a story, plot, characterization. Stop motion is a possibility.
July 2 -  Slimy, Floamy Fun - We will make our own: lava lamps, floam, and record a dancing oobleck to our own sounds created June 18. Maybe we can make something interesting to decorate the new teen section . . . UPDATE: I just ordered 5 CUBIC FEET of the polystyrene pellets to make floam! We may not have time to make the other stuff!!! We can make something really, really, really big!!
July 9 - Mythbusters/Chopped Team up to recreate experiments using a variety of household products, answering the question: Truth? or Myth? Our first Chopped is a breakfast challenge: can teens crack an egg: Truth? or Myth?
July 16 - Hunger Games/Chopped Play your way through a series of games, sometimes working with other competitors, sometimes against, as you play trivia and take on challenges to end up being the last one standing! Chopped - Teams will choose their lunch ingredients from a cornucopia, in ten seconds, then, cook!
July 23 - Chopped Finals - Top teams meet for “Dessert”! Teams must create an appetizing dessert from ingredients recommended by SPLAT teens and selected by Jill.
July 30 - Harry Potter Birthday Party - and let's celebrate Neville Longbottom's birthday, too, in style! Cosplay encouraged, with games involving spells and book trivia. Treats include cockroach clusters and butterbeer floats.
August 6—Battle of the (Mostly) Boy Bands - the list so far: MKTO, Issues, R5, 5 Seconds to Summer, and Shinee. Listen to a selection of music whilst crafting marble locker magnets featuring faces of your faves.  (Like this only with faces . . .)
August 13 - Open Mic Night: rehearsal, 3—5 and performance, 6—7. Dinner between. Register by August 6. We'll be talking and planning OMN all summer: some ideas are listed above.
August 15 - Friday Lock-In, 5 p.m. to midnight.  or or  Check out these three links to help Jill choose the mystery we will use: the My Mystery Party has the mystery we used last year plus a lot more . . .
August 20 - Duct Tape your School Life - it's time to decorate your locker with a mirror and organizer, plus a clip or two! Choose your design and duct tape and away we go as we watch video from OMN!
August 27—No SPLAT! Jill is on vacation. See you on September 3!

*S.P.L.A.T. is Summer Public
Library Activities for Teens.

Learn to read and write Japanese! Free course taught by college student Kirstyn Elder in June and July - course schedule available.

Really Big Reading Rewards! Starting June 16, you can submit reviews of books that you have read this summer. Each review will get you one ticket towards the Drawing of a $100 gift certificate to the store of your choice. The Drawing will be held on Wednesday, August 13, at SPLAT. Register at the library: get the Rules and Reviews and pick up a swag bag (while supplies last). For grades 7 - 12.