Wednesday, July 1, 2015


So the 3D printer is gone now, and I didn't get all the parts made to create a mobile home for the robot.

But we shall continue to learn to operate the commands.

Meet me in my office Monday at 4 p.m. for an hour of robots! We will get these guys connected and see what they will do.

No registration, just show up.

Thursday July 2 - 3 to 4:30

First, if you are coming to SPLAT for the first time this summer, no problem! We are in the middle of a lot of projects and activities and you will get caught up in no time! Just show up.

Thursday we will finish the SuperHero Jeopardy, continue to work on the wallets and the Create-Your-Own-Superhero (based on an Atomic Element). Three of you are ready to move on to designing the Superhero's wardrobe, planning a sidekick, villain, etc.

We also have an anime matching candy game to play . . .

There's a Minecraft Build-Off I would like to try  . . .

More punishment is available to those who have not tried Cook, Serve, Delicious . . .

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Part of being SPLAT is learning to, if not enjoy being embarrassed, but learning to accept embarrassment, shrug shoulders, and move on.  Hence the collage, also printed up and posted in the teen section.

Well, last week bombed - no 3D printer to show you. And it will be gone before we have a chance to make anything . . . I only have four of about a gazillion pieces to print for the robot.

So, this week . . . more Cook, Serve, Delicious . . . another craft involving comic books and duct tape (always a great combination, huh) . . .

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


June 18 - 3 - 4:30.


First of seven meet-ups.

To Do:

Introduce you to the 3D printer, which will be here the rest of the month. You get to print an object for free - SPLAT is buying!

Introduce you to our 500 point goal system to get you to the All Night Library Lock In! (I think. Got to talk to the Director . . .)

Then, your choice:

Play games -  video, cards (you bring), DS (you bring), board (we have)


Use the library tablets to find or design something to 3D print.


Use the library tablets to take the Minecraft PE Building Challenge.


Mess around with the robot.


Craft something.

Check out the posts below to get more information about SPLAT and the Summer Reading Program (also SPLAT but slightly different as you have to sign up.)

My email: - email me to get on a mailing list.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lunch With The Librarians!

Hi! I put these photos from last Game Day on to show how the library looks set up for game playing as it is going to be a big part of weekly SPLAT this summer. SPLAT starts June 18 and runs every Thursday from 3 to 4:30 in the Library's meeting room downstairs.
After the 15 - 30 minute group activity at the beginning of the time, for which everyone paying attention and participating gets 50 points toward the 500 points they need to attend Library Lock In, the rest of the time Can Be Spent playing video and board games, plus Minecraft PE on the Library's tablets.

You can bring your own board and card games, or bring in 3DS, etc., and play each other. I have had requests for a Smite tournament - looks interesting!  Then of course there is good old Smash Bros., for the DS or Wii. We have Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Karaoke, too.

An hour isn't going to be long enough, is it?  There will be other things to do, too. We are starting a writing group, and we'll have a variety of other opportunities to get points weekly towards the Library Lock In goal of 500.
and from the Cosplay episode of Splataku! We have had so much fun, and we need to continue this summer, too!
So learn more about SPLAT activities - and the Reading Program, which also brings you points - by checking out the previous posts! Thanks! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reading Rules!!

Here is a link to the form you need to bring to the Library to register for Reading Rules!! and get your bag of swag and free books - first come, first serve!

And here are the rules:

Reading Rules!!!!

For 7th grade to 12th grade. Clyde Public Library, 2015.

Reach 500 points to participate in the Lock­In
at the Library Friday, July 31, 2015. (More
information and hours T.B.A.)

How to reach 500 points? Read 500 pages!*
These must be books, fiction or non, that you are
reading for the first time this summer, starting
June 4. For our manga/comic readers, divide the
pages by 5. (You get a point for every 5 pages
you read.) For our audiobook “readers”: go to
Amazon or Barnes and Noble online and look up
your book. Use the number of pages listed
(usually in the statistics section).

Keep track of the books you read on the next sheet. When you have reached 500
pages, you can keep going (no prizes involved, just the knowledge that you are The
Reader of the Summer!) Point records must be turned in at the Library by 5 p.m.
July 24 for you to be eligible to attend the Lock­In.

You can get points by recommending a book that you
read previous to this summer and really enjoyed using
our Thumbs Up Bookmarks. There is a sheet of 5
bookmarks ­ you get 20 points each ­ only five
bookmarks per person ­ cut them out, write why you
liked the book, then place the bookmark IN the book
on the shelf here at the library. Keep track of the books
you recommend on the next sheet.

*You can get points other ways, too: participate in
some of the activities at SPLAT (Thursdays from 3 to
4:30), or participate in these “extras”: 1. Learn knitting, etc. at Knifty Knitters. 2. Be part
of the Thieving Forest Book Discussion and Skype with Author. 3. Participate in the
July Cookbook Club, either alone or with a parental unit. 4. Design or find a 3D object
and print it (no printing charges for you). 5. Write script for the robot and get it to
‘perform’ it. 6. Create your own ‘extra’ and negotiate points with Jill.

SPLAT FACTS - SUMMER 2015, including Cookbook Club and Thieving Forest information

Thursdays, 3 to 4:30.  S.P.L.A.T. starts June 18 and runs through July 30. (There are no SPLAT meetings in August until school starts.)

Every Thursday, after the group activity, there will be time to play on the Library’s tablets (Minecraft PE), Wii, PS2, Game Cube and board games, plus you can play each other with card games or 3DS, etc. that you bring yourself -­ YuGiOh can be a weekly event, if you want. Each week you will get 50 points for participating in the group activity.

You need 500 points to be eligible for Library Lock In, so just coming to SPLAT every week will get you a total of 350 points. ­ You can get the rest of the points by completing the other activities scheduled for individuals or small groups at the weekly SPLAT or by joining the Reading Rules!! program .

The Library Lock In will be Friday, July 31. I haven’t decided on the hours yet.

There will be a Log for each person to keep track of the extra points for extra activities. Reading Rules!! has its own Log.

 SPLAT extras: participate in the Library’s Cookbook Club on Tuesday, July 7, at 12:15 ­ the theme is
kids/teens cookbooks ­ check out a cookbook from the display (will be up after June 3), make a recipe and
bring it to the meeting; taste everyone’s recipes and talk about your recipe and cookbook. You can involve a parent. Get 200 points for participating.

Get a free book, signed by the author, (while supplies last), when you sign up for a summer book discussion of Thieving Forest .The story is about a 15 year old girl who watches her sisters get kidnapped by Indians in Ohio in the early 1800s. We’ll Skype with author Martha Conway at the discussion. (Date of discussion to be determined, probably the last week of July.) Sign up and pick up your book at the Library. First come first serve on the free books. 500 points.

Learn knitting, etc. at Knifty Knitters. Points to be determined with Nelcy's help.

Group Activities at Weekly SPLAT: Scavenger Hunt in the Library ; Learning how to 3D print; Superhero
Jeopardy; Exploring APPS for SPLAT activities; Create Your Own Superhero; Villains We Love WTQ;
Superhero Trivia; (If the bugs are worked out, Intro. to the Library’s Robots); mini comic con??

Extra Activities at Weekly SPLAT: CYOS follow­ups: fan fiction; comic strip; costume; mask; Minecraft PE
Build­Offs or Parkour; Writing; Instagram project; Stop motion with Minecraft (or something else) toys;
Superhero icon game; Robots, ­ learning to program; 3D printing: finding or creating a design and getting it

 Extra Activities, Crafts: Dog Tag necklace with create your own pendant; Super Hero duck decorating contest/ mask decorating contest; duct tape comic book wallet/clutch with accordian folds; locker magnet decorations; Choose a hero, Make a pin

Heroic Duck
Mysterious Mask
Buzz Bott Base
The start of a comic book/duct tape clutch.

Duct Tape Accordian Wallet Practice
We'll be creating our own embossed pendants for these chains.

Locker Magnets using Comic Books