Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lunch with the Librarians

Sixth grade had brownies, saw new books from the LRC, new anime and video games from the Library, and talked Minecraft, horror and puppies!!!


We decorated ninja gingerbread men in December.

In January, Kirstyn Elder talked about her Adventures in Japan.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Haunt the Library Halloween Night at Monsters and Murder Dinner Mystery.

The Mystery Dinner - Halloween Night, October 31, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Keep reading to find out what you need to do:

You need to come to the library to sign up!

1. Read over the list of characters. Choose one!
2. Choose your pizza!  (East of Chicago) Cheese, Pepperoni, Veggie Deluxe, BBQ Chicken or Taco.
3. Call or stop by the library to sign up (at the lobby desk). Caution: if you call to sign up, you will not receive "Helpful HInts on How to Play a Murder Mystery - Guest Instructions" plus your invitation to the Annual Monster Summit.
4. Plan your costume.
5. Decide how to portray your character.

The day of the mystery dinner.
1. Show up in costume at five, get your picture taken, get a nametag and an investigation sheet.
2. Read your clue paragraph and share the information that should be shared.
3. Play games, eat appetizers.
4. Read more clues, play more games, eat pizza.
5. Read more clues, play more games, eat dessert.
6. Turn in your solution.
7. Find out who got it right. They get a prize!

It is seriously A Lot of Fun! And it is on Halloween!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 2013

Two SPLATs already!  Pictures from 9/4 below. We are really device driven today! The most excitement was over the rock group Parachute, which Allison and Katelyn had gone to see the day before. We attempted a group Wii game. Didn't work. Must try harder.

The library staff is going to be in the parade as The Library Cart Drill Team - we have had about four volunteers to be support staff in the parade: pass out candy and bookmarks (if we have some made up) or maybe carry a sign. We are not very organized, but we are going to have fun!!

SPLAT will be a marching group in the Halloween Parade, October 26 - Saturday - and we need a theme. Mentioned: vampires vs. werewolves. Hmmmmm.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Minecrafters! Wrong Date!!

Although, you may enjoy what is going on June 27 at 6! But it will not be Minecraft!

There will be a special program on the Battle of Gettysburg that night. A Civil War reenactor is bringing his 12 foot by 8 foot diorama of the town and surrounding area. He'll be describing the three Days of the Battle of Gettysburg.

This July 1, 2 and 3 is the 150th anniversary of the Battle.

Sorry for including a Wrong Date - but come anyway! It will be interesting.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rock Out and Read!

June 10 through August 2

Learn what you like to read, and why; find more books in the areas of your interest with websites and in-library help!

Pick up an AC/DC Bag and return the filled out registration form to the library

Choose books and READ! Fill out the book evaluation form  -  you’ll get a small prize immediately, plus each book evaluation gets you an entry for $20.00 gift certificate drawings - to be held on June 24, July 22 and August 5.

Those who complete 20 books and evaluations by August 2 will be invited to the Library Lock-In August 9.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer information

Starts June 10 through August 2

Every Monday - 4 - 5:15 Robotics and Raspberry Pi  - Registration Required - call or come to the library lobby desk to sign up. Eight teens will use our E-Z Robotics kits to create, well, robots! We'll use Raspberry Pi to expand our knowledge of Linux and game creations using Python.

Every Tuesday - 3-4 - Manga Drawing - open to age 11 and up. Draw manga, teach each other; learn new techniques.

Every Tuesday - 4 - 5:15 - Minecraft for (your own) Laptop - no devices, no PE. This is for those who have his/her own laptop - do not come to this if you are not bringing a laptop! You'll be playing together on the library's server, usually with Nick G. as moderator, or one of you if Nick can't make it!

Every Thursday - 4 - 5:15 - Magic/Yu Gi Oh games +   The + is for any other board games that you want to play. Minecraft PE can be played  - bring your card with the necessary dots to sign out a Library Tablet*, or play on your own device. And We Have Board Games!!

Every Available Thursday - 6 - 7:15 - Minecraft PE (tablets and Devices) There is actually only one available Thursday - August 1, our regular Minecraft MeetUp!  So . . . .  remember that you can come to the library anytime with your friends and link up using your own device or the Library's tablets* - just be sure to change the wireless connection to Minecraft.

*If you are using the Library's tablets, you must, with your parent, sign the Internet Permission form and the Tablet Permission form. You must bring your card with a red and a green dot on it to check out the Library's tablets.

Every Friday - 3 - 4:15 - Music Jam (guitars, etc.) Registration Required. Bring your musical instrument or come to learn - guitar is being taught - jam for an hour or so . . .

Rock Out and Read  - Summer Reading at the Clyde Public Library
June 10 through August 2 - Pick up info bag at Library or school library/LRC - you'll be reading and evaluating what you read; in the process, you will learn what you like to read and find books that fit the criteria you select.